Factory Business Control full Integration.

For Composites manufacturing in separated locations

Extraction: HBW Enterprise Co.,

Published by: Terruzzi Fercalx S.p.a. Italy

Thanks to the relevant amount ofengineering and research energies devotedto research and technological innovations through over the years since it’s foundation dated in the faraway 1897, Terruzzi Fercalx Group has gained a leading position on the world wide market as a manufacturer of Autoclaves dedicated to the production of Composite Materials.

Taking advantage of a huge number of plants’ realization all over the world, Terruzzi Fercalx Engineering Department has dedicated remarkable R&D and financial efforts aiming at providing the last TF autoclaves’generation with a new automation approach based on the installation of two different softwares.

The first one (Tracebility Control) has been developed to allow a full production processes traceabilty and management.

The second one ( Energy Saver) aims at allowing a meaningful optimization of the energy consumption required by the various production steps.

Both softwares run on standard operating platforms, totally integrated in the factory business control.

It is a matter of fact that all the players in the market which is becoming more and more competitive and selective day by day, have to efficiently manage their own strategic business aiming at achieving the operating excellence by means of dedicated managing systems and softwares able to interface with the existing company managing platforms , guaranteeing all the functions of Control Plant Process, Data Process Management, Factory ERP and Business Control (Pict. A).

The meaningful and efficient harmonization between the above mentioned systems is apremise to an effective improvement of the business results, which is particularly appreciated in those cases where several production sites and/ or laboratories eventually scattered in different locations can be efficiently monitored in realtime, keeping effective a global strategy sound.

Thanks to multiple and versatile solutions proposed by the Industrial Automation and Information Technology market nowadays it is possible to implement technical solutions that offer a wide availability of applications through which the total integrated automation platform performances can be developed according to the new of the requirements of a given company.

Terruzzi Fercalx Group, in order to offer their customers instruments able to support the respective companies in their growth and organizational changes, have equipped their own plants with innovative SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) solutions,extendable in progress, flexible and user friendly.The above mentioned softwares are interfaceable with the most common business management systems , providing our customers with the possibility of elaborating a huge amount of information selected according to theirspecific need and the requirements of the worldwide players in the aeronautic and aerospace production sectors.

The success of the latest installations, highlighted by TF customers’ satisfaction, confirms the valence, the reliability and the innovative push of the proposed solutions.

(Pict. A Totally Integrated Automation Platforms )

The data traceability accomplished by Terruzzi Fercalx Group Traceability Control System is a new tool that allows the management to keepunder control the modifications input by the system users at at various levels to the data and parameters.

The Traceability Control System records and stores in table format, by means of SQL Server, all the operations made on the supervisors; the above mentioned system provides that all modifications can be elaborated and documented in a very efficient way. The TF(Terruzzi Fercalx Group) Software Traceability Control is completely opened through a platform OPC XML ‐ OPC OLE DB at MES level allowing the production data management of each Company (Pict. A).

The system also includes all the functionalities foreseen by OEE system for the production data monitoring related to each production (pict. B)about the following main issues:•

Recording of production interruptions,reporting by the operators of the related causes(e.g. missing lack of raw materials, technicalfailure, QC drawbacks, etc…)• Monitoring of the Start date and time, stopdate and time, product number, part number,product order, events during cycle, alarms duringcycle.

Pict. B

Overall Equipment Effectiveness diagram Widest configuration capability and flexibility Terruzzi Fercalx Group proposes various system’s configurations according to the specific customers requirements; starting from an entry level in which the control system includes a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and Control Panel such as HMI (Human Machine Interface), up to more complex systems, normally installed on autoclaves devoted to aeronautic and aerospace productions, where a configuration based upon a PLC equipped with redundant CPU, Personal Computer with SCADA in execution stand alone or redundant, regulators and recorders (Pict. C)are supplied.

The possibility to supply completely redundant systems (Hot‐Backup) , is a main peculiarity of Terruzzi Fercalx Group technical proposals. The Hot‐Backup solution allows the replacement in real time of any system component which is not correctly operating orout of order, without the need to stop the production cycles so avoiding any production interruption safe guarding the overall plant productivity.

For each of the foreseen configurations, by means of the TF package Remote Control, it is possible to transfer all the autoclave actual process parameters through WEB platform allowing an efficient remote operation on them.TF Control Software has been engineered with predictive functions which, in automatic mode and according to the specific production speculiarities and requirements, have the purpose to anticipate the events and to put in place the most appropriate corrective actions aiming at realizing a production cycle in perfect accordance to the set up parameters and / or recipe.

On top of that, TF software allows a just on time of the process parameters optimization ( e.g.Pressure‐Temperature‐Vacuum), based on the type of product in execution and according to algorithms of self‐ learning and mathematical models developed in laboratory and input in the system.

TF Software is always in “self‐learning” mode so the regulation parameters related to each production batch are stored allowing the optimization for each type of product. In to the heart of the control system, a programmable controller manages the whole process by a tight control of the main physical parameters as vacuum, pressure and temperature, according to the pre‐set configuration.

A complete algorithmic blocks implemented in the controller software elaborate all the input data collected by the installed instrumentation and / or or parametric external regulators to realize the most efficient control of the process phases allowing the achievement of the required quality standards and process efficiencies.

Even in case of fault of the control system, we have foreseen the possibility for the system operator to drive the production to the the end of the cycle in execution by setting the system in“Manual“ mode guaranteeing in any case the production process completion.The supervision system is entrusted by using of PC, control panels, laptop for service operation and Server subordinated to Factory ERP or DataProcess Management. A specific programmable device is used to manage safety interlocks and functions. Besides the machine functionalities,validation and traceability procedure of the peculiar functions concerning the safety of the system have been implemented.

The management of bar‐code readers, the marking on recorders of Pressure‐Temperature‐Vacuum parameters, the print and recording of real‐time and historical trends, the management of the jobs in execution, the traceability of thei nstruments calibrations and a service packageare integrating parts of the system.

PROFIBUSREDUNDANCY Handling door Man in autoclave UPS or GE Supply Recorder Opto coupler Analog signal Sensor (Thermocouple,Pressure transmitter..)Over Temperature Distribuited I/O Regulator PC 1 PC 2 SQL Dbase ETHERNETP T V BarCode Reader Maintenance station Local panel Pict. C Net configuration TF Energy Saver In order to improve the energetic efficiency,Terruzzi Fercalx Group have developed for their own realizations a regulation and control system aimed to obtain an energetic cost reduction ofthe autoclaves using the predictive function of load management.

Software TF Energy Saver intervenes in the process management and control both during the heating and maintenance cycle phases, accomplishing a tight control of the used power, a synchronized and optimized management of the plant’s starts, a periodical switching between the heating elements in order to guarantee their homogeneous technological life cycle.

Thanks to a management of the heating and production cycle, optimized through the self learning thermal inertias of the autoclaves as well as the co‐ordinate control of the energetic cooling and pressurization parameters, we obtain meaningful cost reductions, a better use of the autoclaves with the advantage of extending the efficiency of the machine during its technological life.


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