Air Pollution Control for coal/oil fired boilers


Technologies for the removal of nitrogen oxides, for deducting and desulphurization of flue gases from power stations today make a significant contribution to air quality control and thus to the environmental compatibility of fossil-fired power stations. Envirotherm – founded in 2001 as successor of the Lurgi Engineering GmbH at the Ruhr – have specialized in the development and construction of plants for purifying flue gases, waste incineration plants and boilers . With a highly qualified workforce of around 80 at company headquarters in Essen, Germany, with representatives in the growth markets of Southeast Asia and North America an and excellent reference list, Envirotherm is one of the most competent business partners worldwide.

The well known wet flue gas desulphurization processes, developed by sister company- Enviroserv GmbH, are based on using lime/limestone, seawater or ammonia as reagent and have been installed in power stations with a total capacity of over 25,000 MWe, and a further nearly 20,000 MWe is currently in contract, under installation or commissioning in Mainland China, making the Enviroserv wet FGD technology the single most used design presently worldwide. As such, Envirotherm is one of the leading companies for wet flue gas desulphurization of fossil-fired power stations on the international scale.

In the 1970s Lurgi’s subsidiary Gottfried Bischoff started to develop the wet lime/limestone process. Another wet desulphurization technology, the seawater scrubbing process, was developed by Bischoff engineers in the 1990s. those experienced engineers of desulfurization were invited to join Enviroserv. GmbH, thus Enviroserv has become the only supplier worldwide that can offer all dry/semidry/ wet processes for flue gas desulphurisation.

For dry removal of gaseous pollutants from flue gases the expanded circulating fluid bed (CFB) principle has been developed by the mother company Envirotherm and Enviroserv in numerous plants. Following a desire to streamline the company structure within the group, the subsidiaries of Envirotherm took clean air and clean power technology from Lurgi Lentjes in two stages in 2003 and 2004.

Envirotherm also focuses on the flue gas dedusting sector and as such, there are many reference plants for pollution control by means of dry and wet electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters.

Envirotherm’s Portfolio of products within Flue Gas Cleaning is completed by SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology for the denitrification of flue gases.

DeNOx-Reactor have been installed in over 12,000 MWe power station capacity thus making Envirotherm a competent and experienced partner for NOx-Reduction as well as for the supply of complete gas cleaning packages out of one hand.

ENVIROTHERM , as a service company, is not depending on company owned manufacturing work-shops for plant components and equipment and is therefore free to select the most suitable suppliers in terms of quality, reliability and financing, including those in the clients own or third countries. To support the worldwide activities of ENVIROTHERM assign local representatives to follow those clean air projects all over the world and act immediately on a global basis.

Envirotherm is a subsidiary company of Allied Group, Together with the sister companies Enviroser GmbH and Bamag GmbH, ENVIROTHERM forms the Plant Engineering segment of the Allied Resource Corporation group. the revenues of the Allied group totaled approx. 400 Mio EUR. .

The Enviroserv technologies for Flue Gas Desulphurisation are well reputed in Taiwan through the supplies of 4 x 550 MW Wet Limestone FGD units supplied for Taichung 1 – 4.
Our Seawater FGD technology are applied in Paiton in Indonesia (2 x 660 MW), and in Yanbu in Saudi Arabia (1 x 130 MW). Furthermore, Lurgi Envirotherm ( former entity of Envirotherm) has through supply of a number of Municipal Waste Incineration plants in Taiwan further enhanced our reputation.

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