HBW involved Pollution equipment of power plants

HBW's Working Record for Power Industry inTaiwan
(Herbert Wang)
The 1st contact of power relating facilities was Electro Static Precipitator (ESP) of two sets of 550 MW coal fired boiler in 1990, there were Lurgi’s ESP revamping , turn-key basis, located in HsinTa Thermal Power Station, the winning price was US$ 24,800,000 after competition with ABB, FLS, BABCOCK, NOELL, …etc. the description of project brief:
Item Description Key figures Results Remarks
1 Capacity 550Mwe/1,950,000NM3/Hr 550Mwe/1,950,000NM3/Hr 72 Hr test
2. Schedule Unit3 – Aug. 12’93, Unit 4-Feb. 12’93 On schedule
3 Performance Guarantee 35mg/NM3 28mg/NM3
4 Final Acceptance Aug. 12’1993 Aug. 14’1993
5 Budget/cost control US$ 22,000,000 US$ 20,600,000
6 Responsible function Procurement, coordination, local project management, public relation, quality control/assurance, final test & acceptance.
Organization chart of project execution: (the names of client were the key to solve the issues and forward the progress in time)

Also the other ESP project, a delivery basis, for 1 set of 500 MW oil fired boiler located in Keelung , the unit 1 boiler of Hsieh Ho Power Station, my responsibility was the final acceptance and open items, we had schedule problem from the interface with ash handling system, the 5% of foreign portion was deducted due to the delay.(Period 1992- 1993)
the process is wet limestone scrubber with gas re-heater, its by-product is 95% purity gypsum with commercial value.

Item Description Key figures Milestones Remarks
1 Capacity 550Mwe/2,100,000NM3/Hr 550Mwe/2,100,000NM3/Hr
2. Schedule 1994 - 1998 1994 ~ 2001
3 Performance Guarantee SOx removal % > 90% SOx removal % > 94%
4 Final Acceptance 1999 2003
5 Profit % Fair result
6 Responsible function Procurement, coordination, local project management, public relation, quality control/assurance, legal affairs for arbitration, commissioning, final test & acceptance.
The complete FGD system comprises 35 sub-system and the scope of supply been recorded as the 1,800 ton in weight, the invoicing task contained 147 sets of invoice and document file with length of 80meter , the drawings were 46,000 pieces, we have discussed in 1,200 meeting totally on technical & commercial issues.

There are other more experience on the bidding to Taipower and IPP(Independent Power Plant) for the ESP/FGD/SCR which are part of flue gas cleaning system, and also the turn-key of incineration plant( incineration, boiler, condensor, turbine, generator, waste water treatment) for municipal waste and industrial waste projects in Taiwan.

Some good contacts and relation with those basic engineering consultant in Taiwan, such as Gibsin, CTCI, Sino-Tech, BVI and Ebasco-CTCI..etc, for the pre-spec. and the technical information, also having good contact with potential clients of power industrial, being very familiar to the sub-contractors and subvendors for the turn-key jobs as well as delivery jobs.